5 Awesome Sales Automation Hacks for Your Business

Sales automation improves your sales conversion rates, But most organizations lose on deals because of a lack of organic opportunities, or insufficient follow-up, or because they simply did not respond to their customers on time. You can set up these simple sales automation systems & I guarantee that you will improve your sales volume.

We are going to break down five cool sales automation hacks that’ll get more sales for your business.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Inside of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can search for Prospects using custom filters, such as finding Digital marketers in San Francisco.

Email Alerts

The next step is to configure email alerts so that you start receiving new profiles that match your filters every day on your email. With this simple step, you will quickly start creating a list of Prospects who match your customer profile. Once you have your prospects captured in a CRM software such as Freedom CRM or within your Excel sheet, it’s time to start enriching your data.

Start by adding company size, employment position, industry growth rate & other data points that will allow you to have common ground with your prospect when you progress in your sales cycle. Once your Prospect list is ready, it’s time for Step no 2.

Opportunity Creation

In this step, your primary goal is to connect with your Prospects & have them OPT-IN to your email list. There are various you could accomplish this.

You could start by creating an awesome targeted blog post which really makes sense to your target group. Make sure that this blog spot is 100% informational & 0% commercial. You could also schedule a webinar of your product or service, Or you could have a product give away or a contest.

At the end of any of these content pieces, have a form which your Prospects can fill up for some bonus content, or a product giveaway or a software demo. When they fill this form, you have an Opt-In email address from your Prospect. It is very important to start building an email list of your prospects. Which brings us to the next step.

Sales Email Automation

Sales email automation which requires a fine balance between branding & information, all while making sure that you are not spamming your prospect. The core objective here to add value to your prospect while warming them up to buy from you. So make sure that you send your prospect an email very selectively, only when you have an awesome piece of information to share with them.

Remember your prospects at this time are only looking for more information from you. Since they are prospects, eventually some of them will be in the market for your product or service. And that is when they convert from being WARM to HOT for your business.

Make sure that all your email communication has phone numbers and contact us forms on them. Once they call you or fill in a Contact Me form, you move on to the next step in your sales process.

The Sales Call

This sales call could either be a visit to your Prospect or a telephone call or even a video conference online. But when they see you or talk to you, remember you are almost inside the gates.

This sales call is very important where you need to educate your prospect regarding your business & at the same time convince them that you are the only real choice when it comes to your industry. At this stage, the Prospect is already Hot for you since you have added a whole lot of value for him over some time. So in most cases, you can easily move to the final stage of your Sales Process.

At this stage, the prospect already trusts you & has taken some leap of faith by considering to give their business to you. So the only real reason why they would not give you business is financial. So make sure you are giving more value than the money that you asking.

Promise a whole lot of Bonus products & services that you can deliver. If you are a High Ticket business, ensure that you are giving your prospect some kind of financial plan.

I guarantee that if you follow these about steps, you can grow your business from 30-40% on a year to year basis while ensuring your margins.

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Jamie Larson