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Web & Mobile App Development


EC Infosolutions offers a range of product development services which include strategy, user experience, cloud architecture, web development & cross platform mobile app development for iOS, Android & PWA apps. Our 55+ strong engineering team includes AWS Certified Solution Architects & Google Cloud Partners.

Our Product Development Process

Discovery Phase

In this phase we will have several calls with the client to understand their product, technology & end user expectations. Based on this exploration and further analysis from our engineering teams, we start working on product strategy, system architecture, wireframes and timelines that are in sync with our clients' expectations.

Engineering Phase

In this phase our User experience, strategy, and design team members work with developers to craft the prototype that will produce the web or mobile app required by the client. Whether it be mobile app development, web engineering, Industry 4.0, data science or other emerging technologies, our AWS certified team members are ready. We follow the Agile Development methodology and divide our projects into six-week sprints.

Launch Phase

In this phase we identify the post launch activities and workflows to ensure that the clients' technology assets are agile enough to support quick business changes and yet stable enough to allow scale of usage patterns. We take pride in supporting our clients for years throughout their entire technology lifecycles.

A new approach to Software Engineering

Our product, Freedom Suite includes pre built, boilerplate code for dozens of business ready apps such as ecommerce, CRM, order management, social networking, etc. This entire library of code is available to our clients to help them reduce project delivery timelines and technology budgets. Thus our clients can effectively leverage our 13 years of experience.

Technology & Strategy

Our consulting is structured around

  • Cutting down your costs and creating a technology framework that will allow you to scale your business operations.
  • Assessment of your business operational challenges.
  • Identification of your risk ratios.
  • Addressing issues related to cash flow and unlocking your balance sheet using technology.

Minimum Viable Product Development

  • Ensure the viability of your product with our MVP development services
  • Request early adopter feedback at less than 1/3rd of the cost & time required to develop a fully scaled software product
  • Get a prototype of your product to attract investor attention.

Mobile & Desktop Apps

We provide the following cross-platform mobile application development solutions for Android, iOS, and Windows devices:

  • Digital Commerce
  • Content distribution
  • CRM
  • ERP
  • Point of sale
  • Bespoke utility applications

Web & Cloud Apps

We offer customized software solutions for

  • Web portals & eCommerce stores
  • Content management software
  • Customized web applications 
  • Order processing
  • Inventory management
  • Accounting solutions

User Experience Design

  • Responsive designs for a wide range of users
  • Designs that are consistent across different devices
  • Include wearable devices, such as the Apple Watch, to mobile devices, such as the iPhone, the high-resolution iMac 5k, etc.

Cloud Deployment

EC Infosolutions is an implementation partner for:

  • AWS Cloud
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Azure
  • Zoho Creator
  • Shopify

Analytics & Insights

  • Measure business KPI by using Analytics tools such as Google Analytics & Glew
  • Predict business outcomes by incorporating statistical & data science models
  • Leverage the power of Machine Learning

Internet of Things

  • Incorporate IoT enabled sensors and relays in your factories and smart devices
  • Capture PLC data & other device data using AWS IoT Platform
  • Build tools for smart monitoring & control


We provide the following cross-platform mobile application development solutions for Android, iOS, and Windows devices:

We focus on building the next generation of applications using blockchain and smart contract technology & have experience in working on both major DLT platforms - IBM Hyperledger & Enterprise Ethereum.

AI, ML & Data Science

  • Use technologies such as automatic speech recognition (ASR), 
  • natural language understanding (NLU) to understand the intent of the text & build the next generation of chat bots, informational bots & productivity bots.
  • Use technology to respond to your users in speech.

Digital Marketing

  • Solutions to drive traffic to your website, brick-and-mortar stores, etc. to facilitate lead generation.
  • Consultancy on lead nurturing & how to convert them into paying customers.
  • Identification & optimization of your sales funnel.

QA & Cyber Security

We help companies secure their data from external vulnerabilities, competitors, and data loss.

  • Cybersecurity
  • Ethical hacking
  • Penetration testing services
  • Technical consultancy

Experience does count.

Founded in 2007, EC Infosolutions is rich in experience of having delivered more than 250 business ready technology products. Some of our success stories are:


Social selling platform


We were hired to build a direct selling & social selling platform that allows affiliates to place orders on behalf of customers, have their own replicated website & tonnes of other resources.

Hyperlocal e-commerce for farm inputs suppliers

We were hired to build a hyperlocal ecommerce marketplace with integration with their offline inventory and point of sale systems.

App for managing ad campaigns

We were hired to build enhancements for a marketing automation product that integrated into wordpress and allowed ad review for campaigns places on Google & Facebook.

Hyperlocal marketplace for organic food brands

We were hired to build a hyperlocal, omnicommerce marketplace for food brands with integrated inventory management & programmatic campaign management.


Mobile app for oncology professionals

We were hired to build an informational app for oncology medical professionals.This app was built for iOS with a web based content management console.

Mobile app for monetisation and distribution of podcasts, videos & e-learning content

We were hired to build several podcast & video distribution apps to allow users to download or stream audio & video files in the form of elearning content, podcasts & audio books. These apps were built for Android, iOS with a web based content management console.

App for managing networking & knowledge sharing corporate events

We were hired to build several event apps to allow event attendees to register, view the session & workshop details, view live newsfeed and also share e-visiting card information via QR codes. These apps were built for Android, iOS with a web based content management console.

App for teaching mindful meditation

We were hired to build several meditation apps with user feedback and analytics built in. These apps were built for Android, iOS with a web based content management console.


App for sales automation management

We were hired to deploy a sales automation software with modules such as quotation management, invoice management, leads & followup management for custom workflows.

App for customer complaint management

We were hired to deploy a customer complaint management solution with advanced rules for agent management & issue escalation.

Self hosted video conferencing platform

We were hired to deploy a self hosted video conferencing platform that could be used by users across varying bandwidths and that can be deep linked to other apps.

eLearning platforms

We were hired to deploy a complete elearning platform with document management, live sessions, quiz management, recorded video sessions & management of teachers and students.


Project management app for engineering, procurement & construction companies

We were hired to build an a web app that would be used by over 100 construction managers & engineers to manage construction activities of over 70 large scale infrastructure projects in real time.

App for scaling design simulations for the aerospace industry

We were hired to build an a web app that would allow automated scaling of EC2 instances to initiate thousands of design simlulations in real time with out manual intervention.

App for HVAC cooling tower designers

We were hired to build an engineering design tool for cooling tower design engineers. The final product included 7 different modules that allowed building models for all sorts of cooling towers.


ERP for manufacturers

We were hired to customise, implement & deploy a cloud based ERP solution for a packaging manufacturer. The modules included Purchase, Sales, Accounting, HR & Manufacturing.

ERP for agribusiness management

We were hired to build custom web interfaces and build mobility solutions for a full fledged ERP system for all sorts of agri businesses.

ERP for a language school

We were hired to build automation enhancements for a full fledged accounting & ERP system for a language school.


App for IoT smart metering

We were hired to build apps for data collection from smart meters, data visualisation on custom dashboards & analysis of smart meter data for actionable & historical analysis.

App for IoT water dispensers

We were hired to build a mobile app to pay and initiate water dispensing at dispensers which are integrated with single board computers and cloud connectivity.

App to track and trace

We built BioTrace for tracing agricultural products using a technologies such as RFID & distributed ledger. Built on blockchain technology.


Fiat exchange

We were hired to build a secure online cryptocurrency exchange service that works with FIAT currencies such as USD, SGD, INR, etc.

ERC 20 tokens & smart contract platform

We were hired to build a tool to allow clients to create their own token or cryptocurrency on the ethereum platform.

Trade finance letter of credit stack

We were hired to build a technology solution that would provide a trustless escrow system & can be used by buyers and sellers of any trade network. It is based on the Hyperledger platform.

App for micro loans

We were hired to build an app to facilitate peer to peer loans from family or friends with adjustable interest costs and durations.


OpenCart + OrbiPay + Agvance ERP + BlueDart

We were hired to build custom payment gateways, custom shipping web hooks and integrated inventory systems of ERP software with OpenCart.

CIN7 + Freedom eCommerce

We were hired to build an integration of a cloud based warehouse management system - CIN7 with our Social Selling Platform.

Google Tag Manager + Magento

We were hired to integrated advanced analytical tools to allow tracking of return on ad spend in ecommerce stores.

Global Delivery & Exceptional Support

Our global delivery model allows you to

  1. Manage growth without worrying about hiring suitable talent
  2. Cost-efficiency while gaining access to world-class engineers
  3. Software engineering services at reduced costs

Additionally you can have the option to custom build your engineering team. With a team of dedicated software experts, we make sure you're supported every step of the way. Our support channels are phone & email support. Our response times are between 1-2 hours.

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