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EC Infosolutions is a software development company with offices in India, USA & Singapore. We offer software solutions and digital transformation services to over 250 organisations in 18 countries globally.


We are a 55-member software development company based in Pune, India. We provide customised software solutions to clients in 18 countries, which include India, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, UAE, Japan, the Netherlands, South Korea, Singapore, France, Malaysia, and Thailand.


  • To be the first-choice technology solutions provider for our global customer base.
  • To deliver every project within our customers’ time & budget requirements.
  • Delight every customer with our innovative & cutting-edge software solutions.


Sushant Bhalerao

Sushant is the founder of EC Infosolutions. His experience of 15 years includes building technology products for over 250 startups in 18 countries. His interests include analytics, machine learning, IoT, server-less computing, etc. He is a certified Google Cloud Partner and AWS expert.

Shreyasee Bhalerao

Shreyasee has over 15 years of experience in CRM, eCommerce, direct sales, digital marketing, and BPR projects. Her passions include reading books on popular science, AI, & keto, practicing Yoga, and using organic skincare products. She is a certified Google Cloud Practitioner.

Dr. Kaustubh Bhalerao

Kaustubh brings 20 years of experience in research and technology development across biotechnology, instrumentation, nanotechnology and informatics. He obtained his Masters and Doctoral degrees from The Ohio State University.

More Freedom, Less Software

Most businesses have to deal with a large amount of data on a daily basis. Hence, it is important for them to use software to manage all aspects of their business.

The purpose of a good software solution is to provide painless data acquisition and generate insightful reports quickly. The end result of the implementation of an appropriate software solution should be the accomplishment of tasks by users within a much lesser time frame, thu saving massive amounts of time.

In most cases, companies opt for off-the-shelf software solutions. As these solutions lack customization, users are forced to change their business processes to suit them. Sometimes this results in users being stuck in what we call a "Software Jailhouse."

On the other hand, when we deploy a customized software solution for your business, we make the extra effort to understand the nature of your business and emphasize on customizing roles, workflows, processes, and reports for you.

With our customized software development approach, you can rely on us to achieve more freedom, less software.

Software-Defined Businesses

  • Are you seeing more competitors every day?
  • Are you facing pricing pressures in your business?
  • Has there been a reduction in demand in your industry?

With so many new technologies coming in everyday, from SaaS to IoT, it is estimated that 90% of all businesses that exist today will be replaced by businesses with different revenue models.

So how do you remain competitive and grow your business in today's day & age?

The one-word answer to this question is "Innovation."

At EC Infosolutions, we believe in disrupting existing business practices and embracing innovation as a part of our lives. We believe in embracing the new every single day!

15 years of experience

Founded in 2007, we have been around for over a decade. In this span, our core team has grown organically from a team of 4 to 55 today. Unlike your next-door software startup, we have bootstrapped from Day 1 & have been profitable from our first year. However, the most important growth has been in our experience, our skill sets, and our agility. We have realized that we exist because of the significant value we add to our customers' businesses. We are proud to say that our long list of customers validates our existence!

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