Solutions for Manufacturers

Software Solutions for Manufacturing

Digital transformation solutions for manufacturers 

ERP + CRM: Cloud based customization & implementation for ERPNext to digitize all your business functions.

IoT & Industry 4.0: Build tools for smart device monitoring & control.

Predictive data analytics for PLC control systems: Custom machine learning solutions for bringing predictive analytics to your manufacturing business.

Digital Marketing: Leverage our digital marketing services to market your products & services to your global customers.

Cloud ERP for Accounting & Inventory

Manage your accounting, sales & purchase processes including chart of accounts, journals & payments, billing & pricing, multi currency accounting, auto invoicing & banking.

With our inventory system you can manage inventory levels, replenish stock, manage sales orders, manage customers, suppliers, shipments, deliverables, and order fulfillment.

Software Solutions for Manufacturing

Cloud ERP for HR & Payroll

Manage your HR & Payroll processes including recruitment, attendance, leave & expense tracking, employee on-boarding, training & appraisals. Process payroll painlessly with configurable salary structures and personalized payslips.

Get complete visibility on your salary costs, employee lifecycle, new recruitments & employee enrichment.

Cloud ERP for Production

Manage your production processes including the complete production cycles, inventory consumption, capacity planning & sub-contracting.

Get complete visibility on your production efficiency, production costs & predictive analytics.

Software Solutions for Manufacturing
Software Solutions for Manufacturing

Cloud CRM for Sales Automation

Manage your entire pre sales & post sales processes including marketing campaigns, leads, quotations, pro-forma invoices & sales closures.

Get complete visibility on your sales team efficiency, sales funnels, revenue predictions & customer lifetime value.

Industry 4.0: Using IoT, AR/VR tools & remote monitoring

IoT sensors integrated with business and engineering systems, can provide unmatched advantages to the new age smart factory managers.

Managers can remotely monitor machine & productivity efficiencies. They can be alerted in outlier situations using AI & make remote tweaks using IoT relays.

Furthermore, in case of process of breakdown issues, specialists can use remote guided repairs using videos, AR & VR technologies.

Predictive Analytics for PLC control systems

Traditionally, PC based control systems have been used to collect high frequency (10 hz) data from PLC enabled machines.

Our big data solutions can be implemented on regular Windows PC's and their data can be pushed to the cloud.

This enables engineers to get remote real-time analytics & insights to take better business decisions.

Customisation, Pricing & Exceptional Support

Cloud ERP is completely customisable and can be fully integrated with your existing systems. We are available as a Web app and on mobile platforms such iOS & Android platforms & pricing starts at $299/month

With a team of dedicated software experts, we make sure you're supported every step of the way. Our support channels are phone & email support. Our response times are between 1-2 hours.