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Take your eCommerce business to the next level with the Freedom eCommerce Platform, a highly customizable multistore eCommerce platform to fit all your needs in the eCommerce space. Manage your virtual marketplace, direct selling, social selling, and distributors under this single, yet comprehensive platform.

Multi Store & Multi Vendor

  • Multi-vendor and drop shipping enable you to sell online without having to invest in physical stock.
  • You can assign each product to a specific vendor for streamlined and automated order processing.

Advanced Product & Stock Management

This tool enables you to:

  • Set product attributes (such as color, size, etc.).
  • Configure checkout attributes (for instance gift wrapping).
  • Manage the overall stock based on these attributes.

Integrated Discounts Manager

  • A program with which you can categorize certain groups of customers as "free shipping" and "tax exempt" depending upon their eligibility for the same.
  • It supports discounts and coupons that can be set either as a fixed value, e.g. $10 off, or percentage, e.g. 20% off.

Affiliate & Rewards Management

  • An inbuilt affiliate manager that supports third-party affiliate programs.
  • Has a built-in rewards points system to reward your best-performing affiliates.

Support for Downloadable Products

  • Supports all types of downloadable products.
  • Enables users to attach license files, user agreements, and configurable download activation such as manual activation or instant activation on payment receipt.

SEO-Friendly with URL rewriting

  • Enables every product, category, and manufacturer page to have its own custom search engine meta tags, page title, and other SEO tags.
  • Enables vendors to create search engine-friendly URLs with automated URL rewriting.

Advanced configuration for Shipping, Tax, Payments & Customer Support

  • Complete flexibility for shipping, tax, and payments integrated with UPS, USPS, and Fedex.
  • Offers one-click integration with the most popular payment gateways and inbuilt customer service & ticketing.
  • Enables you to apply taxes as per the zone and product category.

Mobile Commerce

  • Completely responsive.
  • Can be accessed over mobile operating systems
  • HTML5 clients available for most of our modules.

Freedom eCommerce for Social Selling

Take your eCommerce business to the next level with the Freedom eCommerce Social Selling, a highly customizable social selling platform which includes modules such as Party Plan & Replicating Storefronts. Manage your virtual marketplace, direct selling, social selling, and distributors under this single, yet comprehensive platform.

Party Plan Management

  • Enables you to plan parties, add party orders, and manage your team & bookings.
  • Facilitates effective customer opportunity management.
  • A highly advanced party plan management solution.

Replicating Storefronts

  • Give your distributors the convenience and technological edge of having their own eCommerce direct selling storefronts
  • These storefronts can be automatically created and managed

Community Management

  • Manage forums, helpdesks, social groups, and newsletters on one platform.
  • Bring your customers and distributors on a common online platform without them having to leave your web portal.

Distributor Management

  • A highly advanced distributor control panel that enables you to create dashboards & monthly reports, shop for customers, shop for yourself, shop for rewards, as well as enables commission reporting, team management, etc.

Deals, Discounts & Vouchers

Create a loyalty club and offer the following:

  • Rewards
  • Referral vouchers
  • Party plan host rewards
  • Gift vouchers
  • Combo discounts
  • Several other rewards to your distributors

Distributor Training & Management

  • An inbuilt learning system and quizzes to take your distributors through a training program that is suitable to your organization.
  • Also includes an inbuilt mobile app for distributing e-learning content to your distributors and affiliates.

Digital Support

Our IT backoffice can support you through all your business functions including:

    Software & database management IT infrastructure Commission generation Distributor acquisition Order processing

Bonus & Order Processing

  • A fully customizable commissions and bonus management system for your distributors and customers.
  • Can be used by your order processing and logistics team to manage all your eCommerce shipments.

Freedom eCommerce for Marketplaces

Your Customized eCommerce Marketplace Software. Allows multiple sellers to start selling online. We have built diverse marketplaces ranging from motorbike rentals to whole foods.

Seller Management

  • Manage multiple vendors and their product listings & inventories.
  • Set commissionable products with different commission rates.
  • Promote paid listings among vendors via our powerful vendor management software.

Aggregated Search

  • Aggregate products & services from various vendors, compare prices, delivery terms, and promote paid listings.
  • Make online shopping an effortless activity for your customers.

API Access

  • Extend your sales channels by collaborating with online partners using our RestAPI.
  • Expose product & service inventories, variable costs, and variable commissions through a fully customizable interface.

eCommerce CMS

  • Allow your vendors to manage their product or service listings.
  • You can allow them to have their own white-labelled micro-website and mobile apps.
  • Give your vendors access to a fully integrated content management system for their micro-website.

Multi channel - Web, Mobile & Retail Sales

  • Your vendors can use the same technology platform to manage their multi-channel business.
  • You can accept marketplace orders via your web portals, mobile apps, and retail point of sales locations.
  • These orders can be fulfilled centrally from your back office.

Vendor Payouts

  • A fully customizable commissions and bonus management system for your marketplace sales.
  • Automate automated vendor payments.

Customisation, Pricing & Exceptional Support

Freedom eCommerce is completely customisable and can be fully integrated with your existing systems. We are available in On Premises & On Demand variants

With a team of dedicated software experts, we make sure you're supported every step of the way. Our support channels are phone & email support. Our response times are between 1-2 hours.

Success Stories

World Organics Ltd

World Organics Ltd is global organic cosmetics company and we are proud of our association with them as their exclusive IT partner powering their entire technology stack.


SnapBikes is an online bike rental marketplace startup. Their technology stack is powered by Freedom eCommerce Marketplace software.

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