Web & Mobile App Development


EC Infosolutions offers a range of product development services which include strategy, user experience, cloud architecture, web development & cross platform mobile app development for iOS, Android & PWA apps. Our 55+ strong engineering team includes AWS Certified Solution Architects & Google Cloud Partners.

A new approach to Software Engineering

Our platform, Freedom Suite includes pre built, boilerplate code for dozens of business ready apps such as e-commerce, CRM, order management, social networking, etc. This entire library of code is available to our clients to help them reduce project delivery timelines and technology budgets. Thus our clients can effectively leverage our 15 years of experience.

App development services

We provide 360 degree services for converting your product ideas into production ready apps such as:

  • Strategy
  • MVP development
  • Mobile & web apps
  • Cloud deployment
  • QA &cyber security

Use IoT enabled sensors and relays in your factories and smart devices

Build the next generation of apps

  • PLC / SBC & other device data using AWS IoT Platform
  • Capture PLC / SBC & other device data using AWS IoT Platform
  • Build tools for smart device monitoring & control

Discovery Phase

In this phase we will have several calls with the client to understand their product, technology & end user expectations. Based on this exploration and further analysis from our engineering teams, we start working on product strategy, system architecture, wireframes and timelines that are in sync with our clients' expectations.

Discovery Phase

Digital services

We provide solutions to drive traffic to your business. Our consulting services include:

  • Sales funnel strategy
  • UI & UX design
  • Digital marketing
  • Website management
  • Conversion rate optimisation

Data science & analytics

  • Predict business outcomes by using statistical & data science models
  • Use natural language understanding (NLU) to understand the intent of the text & build the next generation of AI bots

Experience does count

Founded in 2007, EC Infosolutions is rich in experience of having delivered more than 250 technology products in 18+ countries. What's more, our digital products are being used by over 100,000+ users across the world.

Experience does count

Global Delivery & Exceptional Support

Our global delivery model allows you to

  1. Manage growth without worrying about hiring suitable talent
  2. Cost-efficiency while gaining access to world-class engineers
  3. Software engineering services at at reduced costs

Additionally you can have the option to custom build your dedicated engineering team. Our support channels are phone & email support with a 1-2 hours response time.

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