Headless Technology for your website

Responsive. Optimised. Fast. 

A customised, professional website is a must-have to establish your digital presence as the go-to authority in your industry. And going HEADLESS is a no-brainer when it comes to an uber-effective website!

Why do I need a website?

Short answer: Business Credibility. 

Long answer: To establish your online presence and get your audience to know and trust you.  

Why do I need a responsive website?

Short answer: User Experience. 

Long answer: 80% of users will check you out from their mobile phone. If you want your website visitors to have a complete and effective user experience from any device, the website needs to be designed to be device-agnostic.  

Why do I need an optimised website?

Short answer: Organic Search Ranking.  

Long answer: To improve traffic, leads and conversions from your website while generating higher ROI for your ad spend, boosting brand awareness and building trust with your target audience.   

Why do I need a fast website?

Short answer: User Experience & Organic Search Ranking.  

Long answer:Google began incorporating mobile page speed as a factor in search rankings back in 2018. The faster the website, the higher the and of the listing.  

How can going HEADLESS help? 

Short answer: Security. Flexibility. Scalability. Speed. 

Long answer: Headless architecture refers to a system where the frontend and the backend are decoupled, meaning they don't depend on each other and can be developed and deployed independently. This can be beneficial because it allows for more flexibility and scalability in the development process. For example, you can use different technologies for the frontend and backend, and you can update and deploy them separately without affecting the other. This can also make it easier to test and maintain your system, as well as integrate it with other systems.

But opting for a HEADLESS website is expensive. Is it worth it for me?

Short answer: User Experience. 

Long answer: With EC Infosolutions, you now have a never-before chance to trial the HEADLESS technology and decide if it’s right for you. We will build and deploy a landing page for a new (or on-going) campaign using HEADLESS technology for just $500. You can use this landing page for 3 months and decide if you want to port your entire website to a HEADLESS platform. 

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Jamie Larson