Freedom Event Management App

Freedom EventManage App is a custom branded Android and iOS app of your event. This app will be available on Google PlayStore & iOS App Store.

Custom Branded App

  • Freedom EventManage app is a customized event/organization app on Google PlayStore & iOS AppStore.
  • Enables your team to effectively manage different aspects of your organization's event.
  • Stores information about your event, which will be available to users even before they register.

User Registration

  • At first, users will have to download the app from the App Store/Google PlayStore.
  • Following this, they can register themselves on the app by using their email address.
  • They can also use a one-time password that will be sent to their email address.

User Profile

  • Users can add their name, photograph, and a brief bio about themselves.
  • Enables users to interact with other users as well as keep track of different updates related to the event.

Multi-Track Management

With the Freedom EventManage App, visitors can add multiple tracks that they wish to attend depending upon their preferences.

Multiple Session Management 

  • Add multiple sessions on all days of the event for visitors to attend.
  • These sessions can be completely configured by a Cloud-based content management system.

Speaker Information Management

  • Add information about the speakers of different sessions of your event for the benefit of visitors.
  • This can be completely configured with a cloud-based content management system.

Personalized Schedule

  • Visitors can select the sessions of their interest and create their own personalized schedule.
  • Notifies users about their upcoming sessions 15 minutes before they are due to start. 


  • App editors can post notifications via messages that will reach all app users.
  • With this, they can declare contest winners, session highlights, etc. 

Attendance monitoring 

  • Every session will be allocated a QR code.
  • Users will be able to scan this QR code to register their attendance in different sessions.

Booth ratings

  • Users can scan QR codes on the booths to rate them from 1 to 5 stars.
  • Users can also leave comments about their ratings.
  • Event organizers can reply to these ratings at a later stage.

Editor Module

  • Editors can modify and update information related to different sessions.
  • They can update speaker-related information from a web browser.

Newsfeed module 

  • Enables users to post as well as read updates during events.
  • Helps increase engagement among users and enables them to interact with each other & with event organizers.

Freedom EventManage is a customized app that will assist you through the entire process of organizing and managing your event. Right from registration, to the management of speaker information, personalizing schedules, messaging, attendance monitoring, multi-track management, messaging, etc., Freedom EventManage has it all! Available in Android & iOS. Request a quote today!

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