Direct Selling & Party Plan Management Software – a Buyer’s Guide

Direct Selling & Party Plan Management Software – a Buyer’s Guide

Understanding your Business Needs –
So you have decided to take the plunge & start your very own direct selling business, congratulations!

Like any new business, your success will be an outcome of the following –

1. Product & pricing;
2. An able team;
3. An attractive compensation structure;
4. A stand out marketing strategy &
5. Last but not the least — your software vendor

A good software vendor will ask you the right questions to determine your precise business needs and provide you with good, robust technology solution which is cost effective & scalable.

Must have features

The most important & critical features to consider when purchasing a direct selling software are-

1. Downline genealogy management;
2. Discounts, bonus & commission engine;
3. Replicating storefronts;
4. Distributor management;
5. Omnichannel ordering systems.

The Good to have features to consider when purchasing a direct selling software are-

1. Social media integration
2. Bonus, deals & voucher management
3. Learning management systems for Distributors
4. Integrated back office for order processing & customer support
5. Mobile apps for omnichannel order processing
6. APIs for third-party software integration
7. Cloud-based deployment for 24×7 availability

Buy software or Build it from scratch?

Building a Direct Selling & Party Plan Management Software is expensive, very expensive. From our personal experience, I can honestly say that this is a task that will take anywhere from 20,000–30,000 man hours if built from scratch.

When you start your DS business, you do not have to worry about investing the time or money to build a world-class software product.

With Freedom Direct Sales Software, you get the latest, the continually updated software package that includes all the above software features in addition to a friendly IT consultant who will guide you in making the right choices when it comes to selecting technology for your business. Our typical software deployment costs around $15,000 in addition to a monthly service fee of around $990 covering cloud deployment & IT services.

Next Steps-

a. Schedule a call with us to discuss your business needs in depth, including details regarding your business plan (compensation plan, order form, distributor agreement, etc.)

b. Schedule an online software demonstration with us to understand the range of software & services that we offer along with our price points.

c. Receive a detailed project estimate, along with client references from us.

d. Discuss your project implementation plan & milestone dates with us.

e. Project commences with user interface design, customization of compensation plan & bonus plans & custom feature development.

f. We provide you with weekly updates through our Project Management System & phone calls.

g. The Project goes live with testing in 45–60 days.

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Jamie Larson