BioTrace – Bringing traceability to Agriculture using Blockchain

Traceability is the key to buyer confidence and authenticity in transactions between Consumers, Brands, their Suppliers & Growers. Tracing of agricultural produce is important for all types of consumers be it retail or business. Here is how we are helping bring traceability in Agriculture using Blockchain technology.

Today’s scenario

Currently tracing standards of Agri products & their inputs or ingredients is established through certificates issued by various certification bodies around the world such as –

1. Cruelty Free;
2. EcoCert;
3. Fair Trade;

& thousands of other renowned certification bodies. The estimated annual revenue of food certification bodies is over $5 billion. Consumer awareness about such certified products is an ever-increasing metric. However, the innumerable certification bodies tend to confuse consumers instead of educating them. There is presently no consumer-facing tracing system for agriculture.

Introducing BioTrace

BioTrace is a blockchain based app for consumers of engaged brands.

A simple barcode scan on the BioTrace app will enable them to view the entire list of ingredients, certifications & locations that are involved in the making of their chosen product.

For example, BioTrace will enable a consumer of an Organic Vegan cosmetic product to view –

  • Certifications of the product/brand;
  • Location & photos of the product/brand;
  • List of ingredients that go into producing the product;
  • Anonymized supplier information with of every ingredient;
  • Ratings of the anonymous supplier with photos, farm information, certifications, etc
  • Validation of expiry date stored in the blockchain.
  • IoT: In enterprise scenarios – in addition to the above information, they will also see real-time supply chain information of all products with inputs from IoT sensors deployed in transit systems.

Advantages of BioTrace

  1. Sustainability & ingredient information of products is made available to its consumers in 1 click.
  2. Distributed ledger technology to store product ingredient information & segmented access control to brand owners will ensure data immutability.
  3. A public-private key pair will enable secure anonymized access control for suppliers.
  4. Eventual creation of a trust-less decentralized system utilizing machine learning & consumer behavior to reduce dependence on certification bodies;
  5. Real-time supply chain information will result in better Food Safety standards.

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