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Our Technology Stack - At the cutting edge of the application development world!

If there is one thing we have learnt by being in the tech industry for over a decade, it is that the technology landscape is ever changing and ever expanding. Our technology stack has been designed based on this factor.

Hence, whenever we see applications moving over from server rooms to the cloud or from desktops to mobile devices, our engineers are always well prepared & our clients are always well served.

Our Technology Stack Includes:

  • AWS & Computing Applications - Enables application providers, ISVs, and vendors to host your applications quickly & securely.
  • Big Data Analytics - Enables the effective control of an organization's data.
  • Blockchain - Leverage our blockchain capabilities to build cryptocurrency wallets, provide solutions for authentication or compliance, or launch your own ICO.
  • .Net Stack - From form-based applications, to web-based applications, to web services, we provide them all!
  • Javascript Frameworks - Javascript code libraries for routine programming features and tasks, such as to build web applications, websites, and much more.
  • Mobility - Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and other technologies that enable the management of a remote or mobile workforce, and much more.
  • Open Source Applications - Very effective for building startup products and creating intellectual property that can be used by everyone
  • Open Source Stack - Choose from a range of pooled virtual resources to build as well as manage private & public clouds.

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AWS Computing & Applications

Big Data & Analytics



.Net Stack

Google Stack

Javascript Frameworks


Open Source Applications

Open Source Stack