Mobile Group Messenger

Mobile Group Messenger

Integrate customer service automation, customer advisory, internal communication, real-time group messaging, web-based control panel, and chat with website visitors with Mobile Group Messenger! A highly secure app that connects multiple devices in your organization.

Customer Service Automation

Provide unmatched real-time customer support to your anchor customer base. In addition, integrate your email & phone support function into one real-time instant messenger support.

Customer Advisory Platform

Do your customers approach you for advise? Do you regularly educate them about your business and service offerings? Now, educate your customers in real time with Freedom Communicator.

Internal Communication Platform

Do you have a growing team? Is real-time intra-company communication becoming critical for your organization? When email just doesn't cut it, go in for the cutting-edge Freedom Communicator Platform. It also provides real-time, secure, and hierarchical messaging on your mobile phone. In addition, it has perfected enterprise communication.

Real-Time Group Messaging

Why Group Messaging? Because it is the easiest and most efficient way to communicate, educate, and inform your customers about all the aspects of your business. From project-based status updates, to payment dues and dates, be a top-of-the-mind vendor for your customers.

Web based Control Panel

Create special customer groups, decide user roles, account managers for recipients, and daily usage limits. Manage users, recipients, roles, hierarchy, and much more with our web-based control panel. In addition, create a communication workflow as unique as your business.

Chat with your Website Visitors

Chat with your website customers from wherever you are, from your mobile device.

Secure Communication Platform

Provide secure, enhanced, and real-time messaging with tools such as group chat, encrypted file transfer protocol, and mobile number-based real-time authentication.

One App, Multiple Devices

Freedom Communicator is available across iOS 7 (iPhone & iPad), Android 4.1,– Jelly Bean, and Windows Phone 8. In addition, we offer HTML5 clients for most of our modules.

Customization & Pricing

Freedom CRM is completely customizable. It can be integrated with your existing ERP/back office systems. It is available in on-demand as well as on-premise versions, and the pricing starts at as low as $49 per month, per user.

Mobile Group Messenger can assist you in automating all your crucial internal processes: Customer Service - Internal Messaging - Chatting with Website Visitors - Handling Multiple Devices with the Same App - this, & much more! Request a free demo today!