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3 online industries in need of crm
    In the modern world of online business, the importance of CRM has become clearer for businesses of all sizes. Of course, interactions between a company and its customers have always been crucial in determining success or failure. But in an increasingly internet-oriented world, there are both more interactions and more ways to handle them. As a result, effective CRM...
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digital marketing trends 2021
      Digital marketing has gained widespread popularity since 2017, but it gained rapid traction in 2020 following the lockdown in different parts of the world due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the lockdown, businesses from all over the world turned to digital marketing to market their products & services....
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ec blog delaware
 Delaware Project Seeks to Stimulate Minority Startups Delaware was the first state to approve the constitution back in 1787, and in 2021 it should be one of the first that startups consider when choosing where to incorporate. In the years since 1787, other states have emerged as frontrunners in politics, business and finance, but Delaware...
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  In this article, we intend to explore how Customer Relationship Management (CRM) works in the field of online food ordering and delivery. For this purpose, we have chosen to take into consideration the Zomato business growth. Mapping of the company’s journey will give us some valuable insights into how restaurants and food aggregators use...
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swiggy crm
    In this article, we will explore the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies implemented by Swiggy. It is very interesting to see how different highly successful businesses implement different and innovative CRM strategies to not only grow their businesses, but also keep their customers happy. CRM enables businesses to create a win-win situation. Background...
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