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lead nurturing through email automation

Lead Nurturing through Email Automation

A key step in your lead nurture process is communicating with prospects effectively. But most businesses do not know how to do this.               ...
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sales automation hacks

5 Awesome Sales Automation Hacks for Your Business

Sales automation improves your sales conversion rates, But most organizations lose on deals because of a lack of organic opportunities, or insufficient follow-up, or because they simply did not respond...
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Who is a Customer? – Types of Customers, a Case Study of AirBnB

The dictionary defines the term “customer” as “A person who buys goods or services from a shop or business.” As we can see, customers are the backbones of the success
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customer service outsourcing

Customer Service Outsourcing for 24*7 Customer Support

With ever-increasing competition in the market, it has become very important to create reliable communication channels between customers and service providers. Sound customer service goes a long way in facilitating...
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advantages of outsourcing IT services

5 Advantages of Outsourcing IT Services

The IT department of a company consists of software, hardware, and a network of computers with which the company performs important day-to-day business functions
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ways to deal with angry customers

Dealing with Difficult Customers

Like the saying goes “The customer is always right”. However, there are times when that might not be the case and, to add to your woes as a customer service representative,...
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