December 18, 2020
 In this article, we intend to explore how Customer Relationship Management (CRM) works in the field of online food ordering and delivery. For this purpose, we have chosen to take into consideration the Zomato business growth. Mapping of the company’s journey will give us some valuable insights into how restaurants and food aggregators use CRM...
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swiggy crm
    In this article, we will explore the Customer Relationship Management strategies implemented by Swiggy. It is very interesting to see how different highly successful businesses implement different and innovative CRM strategies to not only grow their businesses, but also keep their customers happy. CRM enables businesses to create a win-win situation. Background Hyperlocal...
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netflix crm
Netflix has been one of the fastest-growing businesses since its inception in 1997. The company has been a perfect example of a business that embraces new technologies along the way and shows immense flexibility in terms of changing its business model with changing times and the changing needs & demands of consumers worldwide. Let us...
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amazon-vs-flipkart | Ecommerece Leader
Since their inception, Amazon and Flipkart have always been at cutthroat competition in India. Before we determine which is better in India, let us take few factors into consideration.For starters, both have witnessed amazing sales, offered attractive discounts & various “dhamaka” offers, and implemented other business tactics to appear better than one another. Over the...
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