Advantages of MVP & Pricing

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Advantages of MVP for Startups

These are some of the advantages of MVPs designed by EC Infosolutions, which sets us apart from our competitor.

Beautiful Modular Design

Customers can choose from a wide range of configurable templates. These templates can be easily customized to fit all your needs. Our enthusiastic team of designers are full of creativity and aesthetic sense. 

Cutting-Edge Technology

Harness highly advanced visual programming technologies across the web to design an MVP of your choice with minimum overhead costs. It can be scaled up as per your convenience and take your business to another level.

Your Technology Team

Choose from a wide range of developers from across the web. Scale up your manpower as you grow further. Find the right people with the right education & experience for the right job.

Launch Your MVP faster

Your MVP can be launched faster with weekly milestones and plans with fixed prices. Choose from a wide range of attractive templates & designs and a highly customized interface. This way, it will help you iterate more frequently!

Software is the Future

​Software has slowly evolved to become a necessity for each and every business today. Companies with infinitely scalable technology at their fingertips have changed the way we work, travel, shop, socialize, etc. Hence, the need for integrating digital capabilities has risen exponentially to survive in this highly competitive environment.

Improved Development Processes

Most software programs promise efficiency and automation. However, they are created using highly time-consuming and manual methods. Hence, software development by smaller software companies tends to be more agile because of the informal atmosphere at the workplace, which encourages the flow of ideas between different levels in the organization as well as quick decision-making.

A New Approach to Software Engineering

​With our team of highly experienced developers and the integration of AI, we have made it very easy for you to transform your ideas into tech products with reduced time, effort, and cost. You can scope products, complete tasks, as well as share feedback with flexibility and ease. Throughout the process, we offer rapid turnarounds (1-4 weeks on an average), fixed budgets, and easy access to our team of developers every step of the way.

Software for Everyone

Choose from a wide range of customizable software offerings at EC Infosolutions. We have a team of highly experienced software professionals who are more than happy to guide you every step of the way. We can bring your ideas to life without you having to invest in millions or having to join a closed network. It has been a great pleasure building software for several businesses. We will continue to do the same in the years to come.

App Templates

Startups can simply choose from one of our existing App templates, which they can modify according to their needs. We have ready app templates for -

  • CRM Apps
  • eCommerce Apps
  • Marketplace Apps
  • Digital Product Apps
  • On-Demand Apps (such as Uber)
  • Rental Marketplace Apps (such as Airbnb)
  • Social Network Apps

These app templates can go live in 1-2 weeks and cost approximately $1k + for setup.

Customised Apps

We specialize in building customized apps - from Cloud CAD to IOT for HVAC controllers. From engineering apps to media distribution systems, our range of expertise is eclectic.

Being AWS and Google Cloud partners gives us access to over 200+ cutting-edge technologies from machine learning and drone management, to satellite stations.

Customised apps can costs $10k + for setup.

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