eLearning Software

eLearning Software

Use our eLearning software solutions to create course content, manage multiple streams, dashboard & reporting, training your team, and more​ with agility and ease!

eLearning Software Solutions

Fast Course Creation

Course creation remains one of the primary factors that hamper eLearning deployments. Hence, we make it easy & painless to quickly setup courses with all the content that is readily available to you. We go a step further and hand-hold you throughout the entire exercise.

Multiple Streams

Handle all your organization's complexities across multiple departments, skill-sets, and levels with ease with our comprehensive solution.

Dashboards & Reporting

A comprehensive reporting solution for students, teachers, and super administrators.

Quiz Management

Fully integrated quiz management to grade your students through quizzes.

Flip Book Content

We provide design services to convert your course content into beautiful flip eBooks that are readable on mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

Content Marketplace

Fully integrated course marketplace to help you source ready content for training your team members.

Mobile Interface

Freedom eLearning is built from scratch to be a mobile-friendly elearning system.

Customization & Pricing

Freedom eLearning software is completely customizable. It is available in on-demand and on-premise variants. Pricing starts at $190/month.