Direct Selling Software

Take your eCommerce business to the next level with the Freedom eCommerce Platform, a highly customizable omni-commerce platform to fit all your needs in the eCommerce space. Manage your virtual marketplace, direct selling, social selling, and distributors under a single, yet comprehensive platform.

                       Freedom eCommerce Direct & Social Selling

Party Plan Management

ecommerce direct selling enables you to plan parties, add party orders, manage team bookings, and in effective customer opportunity management. It is a highly advanced party plan management solution.

Replicating Storefronts

Give your distributors the convinience and technological edge of having their own eCommerce direct selling storefronts, which can be automatically created and managed.

Community Management

Manage forums, helpdesks, social groups, and newsletters on one platform. What's more, bring your customers and distributors on a common online platform without them having to leave your web portal.

Distributor Management

A highly advanced distributor control panel that enables you to create dashboards & monthly reports, shop for customers, shop for yourself, shop for rewards, as well as enables commission reporting, team management, etc. 

Deals, Discounts & Vouchers

Create a loyalty club and offer rewards, referral vouchers, party plan host rewards, gift vouchers, combo discounts, and several other rewards to your distributors.

Distributor Training

We provide an inbuilt learning system and quizzes to take your distributors through a training program that is suitable to your organization.

Order Processing Backoffice

This back-office access can be used by your order processing and logistics team to manage all your eCommerce shipments.

Commissions & Bonuses

A fully customizable commissions and bonus management system for your distributors and customers.

IT Support

Our IT backoffice can help support you through all your business functions including software & database management, IT infrastructure, commission generation, distributor acquisition, and order processing.

Customization & Pricing

Freedom Direct Selling Software is completely customizable. Our software is available in on-demand as well as on-premise variations.

Freedom eCommerce can assist you throughout your entire eCommerce journey: product listings, order placement, cart loading, payment, delivery tracking, and more.